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Viral Video of Intimate Encounter in Cable Car

Observe the viral news that has captured the public’s attention. People are taken aback and expressing their thoughts. Indeed, a couple was recorded engaging in intimacy inside a cable car, and the video has spread rapidly across Twitter and Youtube. The footage is captivating the online community, and the incident took place due to the presence of a security camera in the cable car. Such news is circulating extensively on the internet, prompting individuals to search for all the intricate details surrounding the incident. What unfolded during this event? Let Nowviralvideo delve into the comprehensive account of the news in the following article.

pareja en teleferico video viral completo
pareja en teleferico video viral completo

 Watch pareja en teleferico video viral completo

Intimate Cable Car Incident in Guayaquil Sparks Controversy

According to the report, the entire incident involving a young couple in a cable car in Guayaquil was captured by a security camera installed within the car, which recorded their inappropriate moment. The video’s content is not suitable for underage individuals and has garnered significant attention from social media users. An Ecuadorian couple was at the center of this intimate activity, and the video of their encounter quickly went viral.

Further details about this incident will be presented in the following section of the article.

The event took place on June 24th, when the young couple took advantage of the absence of other passengers in the cable car to give in to their passions. Unaware of the security camera recording their actions, they only discovered this fact after the encounter. The release of the video has sparked a great deal of controversy on various social media platforms.

Furthermore, the Consortium, responsible for the cable car operation, issued a statement regarding the circulated video, stating that the individual responsible for its dissemination has been removed from their duties due to their actions. The couple’s behavior has been widely criticized, and many are expressing sadness and shock in response to the incident. It is imperative to stress that this content is not suitable for children, and they should be shielded from watching such videos.

This article has compiled details from various sources to inform readers about the incident. Any further updates related to this matter will be promptly shared on this site. Stay tuned for more information.

What happened to ‘the cable car lovers’?

the cable car

the cable carThe fate of the daring ‘cable car lovers’ has taken an unexpected turn, as local media sources report an ongoing police pursuit triggered by their involvement in a perceived illicit act. It seems that the amorous duo recklessly indulged in intimacy within the confines of a cable car cabin in Guayaquil, believing themselves to be hidden from prying eyes, ignorant of the watchful presence of security cameras discreetly installed in each carriage.

However, it is imperative to emphasize that any consequences they might face may solely be of an administrative nature. In Guayaquil, the Comprehensive Organic Penal Code of Ecuador no longer deems such amorous encounters illegal if they occur within public spaces. This progressive shift in the legal landscape took place back in 2014 when authorities chose not to prohibit actions perceived as fulfilling “bodily needs.”

As a result, while the cable car lovers’ actions might have stirred curiosity and public interest, the chances of any severe legal repercussions appear to be slim. Nevertheless, they now find themselves embroiled in a situation that has captured the attention of local authorities and the media alike. The episode serves as a reminder of the importance of awareness regarding privacy and surveillance in public spaces, as well as the evolving perspectives on personal conduct in modern societies.


After “the pareja teleferico video” went viral, it inevitably drew the attention of the authorities. The consortium in charge of the cable car’s security promptly took action against the person responsible for disseminating the video.

In an official statement, the consortium announced that the individual involved has been relieved of his duties. This decisive step was taken as a response to the breach of trust and invasion of privacy resulting from the circulation of the video.

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