Aparna Viral Video: A Case of Misbehaviour or Misunderstanding?

A recent video disseminated by an Instagram luminary by the name of Aparna Devyal has kindled a maelstrom of discord and censure across various social media platforms. Within the video, she is depicted engaging in a dance of abandon, swaying with artful grace, and indulging in playful interactions with a plush artifact, all of which unfolds within the confines of a vacant metro carriage, purportedly situated in Delhi. This visual vignette, despite amassing over four hundred thousand views and garnering thirty-five thousand commendations on Instagram, has found itself enshrouded in an atmosphere far removed from approbation.

What did Aparna Devyal do in the video?

Within the video, ostensibly captured by an acquaintance of hers, Aparna Devyal partakes in a medley of capers within the metro’s interior. Her sequence of actions unfolds as she commences by artfully suspending herself from the handrails, seamlessly transitioning to perching atop the seats to showcase her dance prowess. Notably, she shares the spotlight with a plush companion that accompanies her on this impromptu performance. Of particular interest is her audacious interaction with a CCTV camera, to which she offers airborne kisses.

The video made its online debut on the 25th of December, 2022, graced with the caption “Metro Diaries”. Aparna Devyal further affixed her location tag to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Regrettably, the specifics regarding the precise metro line and station that hosted this spectacle remain shrouded in ambiguity.

How did netizens react to the video?

The video, however, failed to resonate positively with a multitude of online denizens, who expressed their strong disapproval of Aparna Devyal’s conduct. A chorus of critical voices emerged, decrying her actions as a manifestation of disregard for communal assets and a transgression of the metro’s established protocols. Numerous individuals aptly observed that she had chosen to stand upon seats specifically designated for those who are aged or differently abled, thus compounding her perceived impropriety.

Some of the comments on her video are as follows:

  • “Seat is for physically challenged not mentally.”
  • “Let’s not make such things viral …. imagine people copying her thinking it’s a trend.”
  • “I request the administration to take strict action for mishandling & potential damage leading activities by such a big influencer.”
  • “Metro administration should take strict action against her.”

The video also caught the attention of some media outlets, who reported on the incident and shared the link to her Instagram account. Some of the headlines are as follows:

  • “Woman dances on seat, swings on handrails in empty metro coach, netizens unimpressed – Watch viral video”
  • “Viral Video: Instagram influencer draws flak for dancing, swinging inside Delhi metro coach; WATCH”

What did Aparna Devyal say about the video?

Aparna Devyal, boasting an Instagram following exceeding 1.3 lakh, displayed a notable indifference toward the unfavorable critique she encountered. Responding to select comments with a blend of emojis and ironic retorts, she unveiled an additional video on the 6th of January, 2023. In this ensuing video installment, she resolutely articulated her non-remorseful sentiment concerning her actions and openly professed her delight in the escapade.

During the video, she expressed, “External perceptions hold no sway over my convictions. The metro expedition bestowed upon me a sense of exhilaration, and I do not entertain regret. My path is not guided by the consensus of others; it is my own to traverse. As an influencer, my devotees are numerous, and their adulation is testament. Hence, I implore that antipathy be replaced with a more zestful existence.”

She augmented her discourse by underscoring her compliance with stringent protocols. Aparna Devyal underscored that she left no impairment in her wake within the metro, and that throughout her journey, she dutifully adhered to COVID-19 guidelines, donning a protective mask. She accentuated her adherence to responsible conduct, attesting that her actions neither caused harm nor detriment to fellow passengers.

What is the legal status of Aparna Devyal’s video?

According to the DMRC website, there are certain rules and regulations that passengers have to follow while travelling in the metro. Some of these are:

  • “Do not sit on floor of train or lean against train doors.”
  • “Do not cross yellow line at platform.”
  • “Do not obstruct closing of train doors.”
  • “Do not travel on foot-board or roof of train.”
  • “Do not carry any offensive material or weapon in Metro.”

The website also states that any violation of these rules may attract a penalty of up to Rs 500 or imprisonment up to six months or both.

However, it is not clear whether Aparna Devyal’s video falls under any of these categories or whether any action has been taken against her by the authorities. The DMRC has not issued any official statement on the matter so far.

What is the social impact of Aparna Devyal’s video?

Beyond the confines of legal ramifications, Aparna Devyal’s video inherently spurs contemplation on matters of ethics and societal propriety. It invites contemplation of whether comporting oneself in such a manner within a communal milieu is deemed fitting. Is it equitable to exploit a public space such as the metro as a platform for personal amusement and promotional endeavors? Does such conduct manifest due consideration for fellow passengers and the dedicated metro personnel? Additionally, does the execution of such audacious feats within a moving train align with principles of safety and prudence?

These salient inquiries necessitate thoughtful introspection before one opts to share or disseminate comparable content online. While individual autonomy and the pursuit of delight are cherished tenets, they are inextricably intertwined with the responsibility of honoring communal resources and interests. Particularly pertinent is the responsibility carried by individuals with influential platforms, like Aparna Devyal, to fashion a model for their followers and society at large. As beacons of influence, they hold the potential to craft narratives that resonate with respect, conscientiousness, and constructive contributions to the shared fabric of human interaction.

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Aparna viral video is a case of misbehaviour or misunderstanding, depending on how one views it. While some may see it as a harmless prank or a creative expression, others may see it as a nuisance or a violation. The video has generated a lot of debate and discussion on social media, but it has also exposed the need for more awareness and sensitivity towards the metro system and its users.


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